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Doug's log

N3JFP SHortcuts

Below is the shortcut list for N3FJP's AC Log.
Many of these apply to the contest software as well.

Alt+C Clear entry fields
Alt+N Net Manager Form
Alt+O LoTW Form
Alt+P Spot Last (Contesting programs and AC Log if you have enabled
   the Spot Last button from Settings > Edit Fields Displayed)
Alt+Q eQSL Form
Alt+R Reloads all fields from last entry
Alt+S Search

CTRL+B ACLOG Backup Options
CTRL+D DX Spotting Setup
CTRL+E Band Map
CTRL+F Frequency Change - was File Locations
CTRL+I Frequency Privileges
CTRL+K CW Keyboard Buffer
CTRL+L Country List
CTRL+M Net Manager
CTRL+N Network Status Display
CTRL+P Phone Setup
CTRL+Q Edit Contact
CTRL+R Rig Interface Setup
CTRL+S Setup
CTRL+T Statistics
CTRL+W CW Setup Form
CTRL+X Quickly toggle between two rigs as configured on the rig interface form
CTRL+Z Set Focus to DX Spots List (You can use your mouse scroll wheel
            to navigate the DX Spots list with this combination.)

CTRL+Shift+C Display Bearing as compass heading
CTRL+Shift+D Display large, floating DX Spots list form
CTRL+Shift+E Auto advance to the next DX spot on enter
CTRL+Shift+F Displays frequency column in QSO list (contesting programs only)
CTRL+Shift+G CW Tab Sends Message (TSM) (not yet in state QSO parties)
CTRL+Shift+L Audio Alert of unworked or unconfirmed DX Spots, who are LoTW users
                      (AC Log Only, 5.4 & later)
CTRL+Shift+M Mode Override option to override mode returned by rig interface
                      (contest software only released after 10/16/17)
CTRL+Shift+P Hides option to display passwords for LoTW, Club Log and eQSL
                     (AC Log only). Use from main form.
CTRL+Shift+R Disable rig interface band and mode updates
                      (in versions released after 3/7/2016)
CTRL+Shift+S Read next serial number
                      (for blind hams in programs released after 4/4/16 where applicable).
CTRL+Shift+T Spot DX on entry (contest software only).
CTRL+Shift+W CW Strings mini form.
CTRL+Shift+X Clear a DX Spot from your keyboard
                     (the call you want to clear in the call field).
CTRL+Shift+Z Advance to the next DX Spot (rig interface must be enabled).

ESC Clear entry fields or stop CW if transmitting
    (the second press will clear the fields, so only press once)

Band Map - Click on a blue area or title bar of the band map to use these:

Ctrl+Shift+H Hide the Horizontal / Vertical button
Ctrl+Shift+L Disables display of LoTW users as Red spots (AC Log only)
Ctrl+Shift+N Disables display new multipliers as italic
Shift+C Clears band map