ARES - Grab and Go Checklist        VA3DAE / 2018-10-10

Check off items on your way out, bring a checklist with you, and check off on your way home
Apply common sense, judgement, and foresight as needed. Label your belongings with your name / callsign.



Copy of your Amateur Radio Licence




Photo ID




cell phone, ARES pager, Blackberry, tablet

      USB power bank to recharge phone, etc




At least 2 pens and at least 2 pencils, and 2 markers for making signs




Clipboard or some type of writing surface




2 metre Handy Talkie(s), with spare batteries, AC adapter




amplifier for 2 meters, with power adapters / splitters

      mobile radio that supports cross band repeating, with antenna, headset...




higher power radio, with DC & AC power cords




Extra antennas such as "Roll up J-pole", mag mount, collapsible 2m yagi or other higher gain antenna




copies of manuals for radios




50+ feet of eigth inch nylon rope for antenna rigging.




50+ ft of RG-58 or RG 8 with PL-259s on both ends, plus 




adapters for BNC, SMC,  barrel connectors, all adapters needed to use any antenna on any radio




2 more short coax jumper cables than you could possibly need




DC power converters & splitters for cigarette lighter, Anderson Powerpole, and alligator clips to battery




12 V power pack(s) with cigarette and powerpole adapters




large 110 V Power supply, in case you’re sent to a location with power




110 V extension cord, large transformer friendly power bar




speaker mic, headphones, foot switch for PTT,  boom mic headset




toolkit: cutters, stripper, pliers, knife, screwdrivers, electrical/duct tape, wire, solder kit, DMM...




Swiss army knife and/or multi-tool




Flashlight ( At least one ) with spare batteries




spare fuses for everything in your kit




cable ties, rubber bands, velcro straps, twist ties




Cash, toonies, loonies & quarters for pay phone calls and vending machines




Rain Coat, poncho, waterproof hat, umbrella




Warm Clothing if weather is cool/cold. Think Layers. Be nice to hands that operate a radio outside.




Hat for protection from sun, or for warmth




Sunglasses / sunscreen / insect repellent




full change of clothes




enough toiletries, personal medication, contact lens stuff for an unplanned overnight stay




first aid kit




throat lozenges for hoarseness




aspirin / advil / tylenol




enough food to get you through 12 hours: granola bars, mixed nuts, dried fruit, GORP, bottled water




Map of London, map of Ontario, compass, GPS




car jumper cables




generator, gas can with/for generator fuel




blanket / tarp / rope for rigging shelter from sun or wind




camera / binoculars




folding chair(s) / card table




APRS tracker













“For a callout, leave home with a full stomach, an empty bladder, a topped up gas tank and a plan – D.Elliott”