LARC Support for the 2015 MS Tour - July 25/26

All information here is tentative and subject to change

Update 21-July-2015

Attached (pdf  or xlsx formats) is a summary of the plan we decided on last Thursday. The two files are the same information just in different formats.
Included are:
Yet to come:
You'll find copies of this info on the web at   Follow the first link "MS Tour 2015"
Organizational meeting:
(has already taken place. Contact Doug for details)
       -Thursday July 16, 7:30 PM
       -Doug Elliott's house, 39 Chalfont Road, north east of Byron bridge. Map and Instructions
       -no obligation - come out & see what goes on

This is the 5th year that London Amateur radio operators have helped out with the annual London MS Bike Tour and we are proud to support this event. Around 2000 riders are expected this year, and we hope to have Ham operators on 4 Voyageur vans and 3 Voyageur ambulances.
     -Our role is general communications support and liaison with the MS Communications Center
     -We’ll use tactical callsigns to simplify keeping track of locations/vehicles rather than people. Every 30 minutes we’ll do an ID by tactical callsign, which will be explained on the air. Remember that our conversations are likely to be monitored, so please maintain some discipline on the air. Do NOT talk to the media - refer any questions you might receive to the tour organizers.
     -Things to consider bringing:
-if you have a magnetic ARES sign for your vehicle, that would be great advertizing for Ham Radio
-rain gear, umbrella (the bike tour goes on, no matter what the weather), sun hat, sunscreen
-towel, change of clothing
-water, more water, lunch, snacks, throat lozenges
-pencils, eraser, pens, notepad
-backup radios and antennas, handy talkie with charged battery, extra cables, fuses
-FRS/GMRS radios, wireless doorbell to signal your Tour organizer contact, if you have them
-radio manual, especially if you haven't programmed in all the SORT repeaters
-lawn chair, card table, in case you want to work outside your vehicle
-ropes and cables to rig a higher antenna if necessary, car jumper cables, in case you drain your battery.
     -Net Control will physically be located in a HQ location in a room at UWO. There will be MS staff, including Stuart Ewing, their communications coordinator in the same room, which will simplify hand-offs.
Doug’s cell/text number: 519-630-8925 (Rogers). Doug’s iPhone:
     -We'll use tactical callsigns to simplify communications:
          Check 1 ... Check 4 for the checkpoints (with different numbering on Sunday)
          Van Alpha ... Van Delta for the operators in the Voyageur vans
          Medic Mike, Medic November, Medic Ocean for the 3 Voyageur ambulances
     -we should encourage the volunteers at each checkpoint to resolve their own issues as much as possible, and only escalate to MS logistics when necessary

MS Tour Route: 
       -On Saturday July 25, from Grand Bend Motoplex to UWO in London, 7:30 AM to about 4 PM, party at UWO
       -On Sunday July 26, from UWO to Grand Bend Motoplex, 7:30 AM to about 4PM, BBQ at Motoplex
       -actual checkpoint locations to be finalized, but likely to be same as last year

Radio Operator Locations:
       -at each of 4 checkpoints, 2+ hams, one experienced with MS Tour
       -on each of 4 Voyageur vans, one ham operating mobile
       -will NOT be on each of 3 Voyageur ambulances
       -at communications central at UWO, 1+ hams as net control, logging, and MS liaison

Volunteer Prerequisites:
        -ideally a ham license, but we can use unlicensed assistants as well
        -no experience required
        -no mandatory need for any specific radio gear, although we will need 7 mobiles with magmounts.
        -need to provide T-Shirt size to Doug in advance to get your free Tour T-shirt

Reference Documents
         MS Society's Emergency Plan (PDF)
         MS Society's Incident Report Form (Excel)