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Same boring format as the main page, but with links to lots of useful information. The following table of contents is in alphabetical order.

Link Description of Reference Material
Ham License Course Info Reference information for the L.A.R.C Basic Ham License Course that started September 9, 2017. Click on the link on the left for more information
MS Tour 2015
stuff on the Ham Radio support for the MS Tour on July 25/26 2015
HAM SET 2015
Info on the SET exercise, Wednesday Oct 7, 2015
A timeline of Ham related events (so Doug won't seem so clueless on the Wednesday ARES net)
The script I follow for the Wednesday night ARES net.
IMS 100 Introduction to the Incident Management System - online course
A suggested way of learning the material from the publisher of the Study Guide
Handout for 2014 course including the schedule, facilitator contact info (Doug Elliott), info to access the Studyguide publisher's website, and memory aids for resistor colour codes and most of the basic formulas you'll need.
practice exams
Industry Canada practice exam generator
distracted driving original
The original Ontario law that controlled distracted driving and had a time limited restricted exception for licenced Ham Radio operators that has now expired
distracted driving update
Amendment law with 5 year extension. (Suggest you put a photocopy of your Ham Licence with these documents in your glove compartment.)
available callsign lookup
Where to look to see what callsigns are available, so you can select your preferences to be used on your licence application.
HF Band Plans
Doug's chart showing the details of the Canadian HF Bandplan, plus the callsign prefixes
DX Code of Conduct Good advice on good behaviour while you're chasing DX. See also Ethics & Operating proceduresOperating Practice
Planning Doc Summary of the approaches, techniques, & schedule for Starex-2017 on Sat Aug 19
photo gallery
Coming soon

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