Testing Your Progress Using Coax Publications Website

You can test your current understanding of the course material that is needed for the exam by using a website that is provided by the publishers of the study guide, Coax Publications. There are two ways to do this:

1)  Reviewing the material in a specific chapter
2)  Doing a test covering most of all of the material in the study guide

To do the review test for one of the chapters in the Studyguide:

  1. Refer to the printout of the studyguide invoice on the following page, as described below.

  2. go to this website:  http://www.coaxpublications.ca/

  3. on the left side of the window, click on "Student Success Pages"

  4. Under "Invoice Number", type 706282485 and hit the ENTER key

  5. You'll be asked for some information that's in the invoice just below these instructions

  6. Type in the requested information, followed by the ENTER key

  7. Click on "Basic Qualification" on the left side of the window

  8. Click on one of the little white circles to select a chapter to review

  9. Click on "Review a Chapter" on the left side of the window

  10. You'll now get the first in a series of questions from the exam bank

  11. click on what you think is the right answer.

  12. If you get it wrong, you will see a message identfying the section in the studyguide to review

  13. If you get it right, it will tell you that, and let you go on to the next question

  14. When you've done enough of that chapter, hit "Finished - Return to Student Success" on the left

  15. To do another chapter, go back to step 7 above

  16. To finish altogther, just close your browser.


To do a review test for a larger portion of the information in the Studyguide:

You can try a sample exam, of a selectable length, by changing step 9 above to be:
         click on the "Try a Sample Exam" button on the left side of the window.

The sample exams don't tell you what the correct answer was when you make a mistake, or what section of the Study guide to review, so you may want to do some chapter by chapter review to get some detailed feedback.


Here's the invoice with the information you'll need to connect to the Coax Publications website: