LARC Ham Radio License Course
Version 3.10   

The 2017 LARC Ham course has completed, and the next course will be in the Fall of 2018. Many of the details of the 2017 course will apply to it, but there will be some changes, notably an extra 2 sessions on Saturday mornings, and a re-ordering of the topics to a more logical sequence. Once details of the 2018 course are finalized, they will be posted to this page, and the 2017 info will be moved to an archive page. If you have any questions, please email .

We welcome the grads of our 2017 course into the world of ham radio:

Adrian Starzynski VE3VYD
Stefan Starzynski VE3SPW
Alex Gajevskis VE3TXG
Dan Brow VA3SNB
Dave Devries VA3WDV
Jeff Garrett VE3VPH
Jon Kissi VA3JKI
Kevin Smith VE3SMI
Marie Johnson VA3HLM
Phil Harris VA3MTE
Shane Flaglor VA3FLG
Phil Clarke VA3TLX

---- obsolete infoirmation from the 2017 course fiollows -----

Location: 3 Locations: 427 Wing, Beacock Library, Byron Library, per the schedule below.
Cost: $100, which includes official study guide, and one year membership in London Amateur Radio Club
Prerequisites: None. All sorts of people with all sorts of backgrounds are Hams, or amateur radio operators
Citizenship requirements: None at all
Age limits: None at all
Session Timing: Saturday mornings, 4 hours from  9:00 to 1:00 with breaks but no lunch.
Reference Materials : click here  or see rightmost columns in schedule below.
2017 Course Schedule:
(maps to the various locations are in the reference files section just below)

London Amateur Radio Club 2017 Basic License Course Schedule Ver.7a

Saturday Studyguide Chapters Topic Instructor Location Handout Preso
Sep 09 none Introduction /Overview of Ham Radio Doug Elliott Beacock Library pdf handout pdf  pptx
Sep 16 5,6 Waves, Propagation Mike Cook Beacock Library pdf handout pdf  pptx
Sep 23 7,8 Feedlines, antennas Mitch Powell Beacock Library ant feedlines pdf  pptx
Sep 30 11, 12 Station Jim Spicer 427 Wing pdf handout pdf  pptx
Oct 07 * no class * Thanksgiving - no course session no session
Oct 14 14 Receivers Mitch Powell 427 Wing pdf handout pdf  pptx
Oct 21 13 Modulation & Transmitters & FM Dave McCarter 427 Wing pdf handout pdf  pptx
Oct 28 3,1,2 Voltage, Current, Power Dave McCarter 427 Wing pdf handout pdf  pptx
    Resistance & Ohm's Law       pdf  pptx
    Series & Parallel Circuits       pdf  pptx
Nov 04 4 Inductors Dave McCarter Byron Library pdf handout pdf  pptx
    Capacitance       pdf  pptx
    Resonance       pdf  pptx
Nov 11 9, 10 devices, Power Supplies Mark Bramwell 427 Wing pdf handout pdf  pptx
Nov 18 15, 16, 17 Interference, safety, regulations Mike Watts Byron Library pdf handout pdf  pptx
Nov 25 Final Test 100 multiple choice questions M Cook/D McCarter 427 Wing

Notes: The Beacock Library is at 1280 Huron Street, just West of Highbury

The Byron Library is at 1295 Commissioners Rd W, London, Ontario, N6K 1C9

The 427 Wing is at 2155 Crumlin Road, N5V 3Z9, near the airport

Course Coordinator: Doug Elliott, 519-630-8925,

Reference Files

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#  Function  Files ( in various formats, as described above)
1  972 Question Ham Exam Bank, with Correct Answers   docx file    odt file   pdf file 
2 972 Question Ham Exam Bank, with NO answers   docx file   odt file   pdf file 
3 List of the 972 questions, with correct answer for each.  docx file   odt file    pdf file 
4 Directions to Byron Library for Nov 4 and 18 sessions  docx file   odt file    pdf file  
5 Directions to 427 Wing, 2155 Crumlin Road, London N5V 3Z9   docx file odt file  pdf file 
6 Directions to Beacock LIbrary, 1280 Huron Street East, London, N5Y 4M2 docx file odt file pdf file
7 Testing your progress using the real question bank:  Industry Canada <--- click link    
8 Testing your Progress use the Study Guide Publisher's website <--- click link    
9 Resistor Colour Codes <--- click link    
10 Memory Aides and Formula Mnemonics - Doug's Diagrams <--- click link    
11 The Formula Wheel - a round 12 variations on Ohm's law & the Power law docx file odt file pdf file
12 Formula Sheet, with many not needed for exam. NOT allowed in exam.     pdf file