Dan Shack has asked for assistance from our fox hunters for an unusual repeater problem. It seems like someone is accidentally cross-band repeating between VE3SUE, a SORT UHF repeater, and the fox hunt frequency 146.565. This is causing some issues on VE3SUE with interference, and incorrect CW ID messages.

Your challenge is to take a bearing on 146.565, the same frequency we always use for fox hunts, and report the bearing, and the location it was taken from, to Doug Elliott (email: instructor at ). We're hoping we can find the person who has the misconfigured crossband repeater, and convince them to disable it. I'd like to stress that we have no indication that this is malicious behaviour, and it's most likely accidental.

Dan has done some repeater linking magic which we hope will generate some traffic on the fox hunt frequency for purposes of taking bearings. Don't be surprised if you hear some conversations with British accents on the fox hunt frequency.

As bearings come in, I'll put together a map, which will be visible at

OK, hounds, let's see what we can do to help Dan out!

------ updated late Wednesday 23-02-22

We decided to use the ARES net to discuss this strange situation, and do some testing. The weather was freezing rain so we didn't go out and do a lot of bearings. A few folks did bearings from their homes, and others did a simple signal strength measurement using handheld radios.

As well, Bogdan has been doing some detective work on the Internet which looks very promising.

Here's the map showing all the bearings taken so far:  Bearings Map
and here's the map showing the rough signal strength measurements:  Signal Strength Map

More news as it happens....

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