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Cumulative Info Updates for LARC Fox Hunt on August 21, 2021

(Updates in reverse chronological order, with most recent appearing at top of list)

- We'll be following the COVID guidance currently in effect: with these implications:

     1) You must wear a face mask any time you're less than 2 meters from any other participant,
         and any time there is more than 1 person in a vehicle.

     2) If you didn't receive your second COVID vaccination at least 2 weeks ago, please contact me immediately,
         and do not join the Fox Hunt unless you've talked to me

- we'll be meeting in the parking lot just SouthEast of the corner of Oxford and Gammage (map here) at 1:15 PM on Saturday

- copies of the London Bus map will be provided, thanks to Brett Gilbank. (You can use your own map if you wish)

- the post hunt get together will be at the Tim Hortons location at Adelaide and Oxford Streets. When we've had enough BS (Bragging & Stories) we'll deliver ride-along observers back to their cars at the starting point.

- If you were hoping to use one of our loaner antennas, please get in touch with me. I'll try to get one to you early, although I'm out of town on Friday.

- this update, along with previous updates, the Zoom recording of our training session, and some reference material can be found on my website: . Follow the links in the 5th entry in the table of contents.

- Meeting time is 1:15 PM. The location has been changed to avoid any conflict with COVID assessment happening at CHOCC. See later update above

 - there was a clear preference for this Saturday, August 21 in the responses I received from my little survey, so that's when we'll do it.