Doug's Excellent Adventures in Voice Acting

The Chronology:

Good News: I don't want to spam a bunch of people with updates on my voice acting adventures. On the other hand it seems some crazy people want to know how it's going, so I'm going to update this page periodically with the latest news. The next section will be a reverse chronology timeline, so the recent stuff appears first.


April 5 Got notice today that my first customer has released my payment. So the weekly payout tomorrow will send $500 US$ to my Paypal account, and I'll be able to move it from there to my bank account. This first job pretty well covers the cost of the microphone, the materials for my "studio" and a year's enrollment with Now the question is, will it take another year to get my second job?
April 4 Between 1AM and 11AM, I had 7 audition invites come in. 5 had a 100% match, and 2 had 90%. One of these was for messages for a new telephone system.  Think my re-jigging efforts for my profile is working!  Currently have 46 outstanding auditions. Well, they're not outstanding work, just awaiting being awarded to some voice actor.
April 3 Inspired by my success, I spent some time optimizing the information in my profile, with the goal of improving the automated matching they do between you capabilities, and the requirements of an incoming job. I also entered the business of recorded telephone messages (Often called IVR - Interactive Voice Response) and created 2 demo recording for that. I'll add them to the demo list below.
April 1 As a result of my incessant bragging about getting a paying voice job, I got a lot of questions about voice acting. To provide an answer to everyone, I told the story in a webpage: which you're reading now
March 27 Got an automated email from saying I'd been awarded a job paying $500 US, please confirm via website
January 2018 Resumed my activities as a voice actor, via the website. I'd started this last year, but lapsed. Once I retired, I decided to give it another go. The main activity is responding to emailed audition invitations, and submitting a recording and cover letter for each one. Probably averaging 3 or 4 per day.

The story so far, in installments:
     part 1
     part 2
     part 3
     part 4
     part 5
     part 6

the audition recording that I submitted
     audition file

the script I was given to read when they gave me the job
     script file

and the actual
audio files I produced for the client, in WAV format:
     segment 1/13   (it's what they told me to read, honest. See the script if you don't believe me)
     segment 2/13
     segment 3/13
     segment 4/13
     segment 5/13
     segment 6/13
     segment 7/13
     segment 8/13
     segment 9/13
     segment 10/13
     segment 11/13
     segment 12/13
     segment 13/13

If you'd like to hear something with a bit more variety, here are
the demo recordings I've uploaded as part of my profile at These are the ones that demonstrate the various attributes I've claimed for my voice ( styles, roles, accents, etc). I see a running count of how many times these are listened to be anyone other than myself, and strangely, the numbers are quite low. However I do know that clients are listening to my auditions. Anyway, here are my demos:

1     Explainer: WowAir Promo Codes
2     Commercial: Missouri Wines
3     Documentary Narration: Cleveland Marathon Story
4     Narration: Mornings on a canoe trip (tongue in cheek)
5     Documentary: Explainer about Chronic Pain
6     Injured Worker's Lament (Emotional)
7     Documentary: We, The Farmers
8     Commercial Narration: Emelia Island and DD (Amusing)
9     HowTo: Unbox and set up a 3D printer
10    Documentary: Smartphone Addicted Youth
11    Virtual Reality Amusement Ride Instructions
12    Business Owner Empowerment
13    Product Description: ZOOT FinTech

telephone message demos:

T1   Acme Tech Support, in rhyming couplets
T2   Serenity Software - upbeat version of "all our operators are busy..."

Here's my
first telephone IVR message audition:

       Messages for new phone system
And finally, some technical details for my fellow nerds:

-I use a Blue Yeti Pro microphone that has some interesting features:
    -it supports both the traditional XLR interface, and a high quality USB connection (I use USB)
    -it supports 4 different sound pattern settings (I use cardioid)
-I'm using a high end laptop: ASUS UX501VW - 16GB, iCore 7, 512 GB SDD, touchscreen, 4K resolution, Bose headphones
-I record in mono, at 48.0 K bits/second using 24 bit wide Pulse Code Modulation
-from this, I export an MP3 file for auditions (this is the only audition format that supports)
-for client submissions, I normally do a 16 bit WAV export, or whatever customer specifies
-The microphone is very sensitive. I usually record late at night after Johanne has gone to bed, and I turn the furnace off. I'm working on a remote control switch over WiFi for the furnace, which would include a flashing light reminder, and a timeout that turns the furnace back on after an hour when I forget.
-you can have a look at the web page that generates for me: