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Collaboration Page for STAREX Article


-to be worked on

Bits to work in somehow


-search area overview from CASARA

-simulated float plane on roof of ACW's van

-Doug to scan his records

-Dave Primeau spending most of his time trying to get CASARA printing working

-plan to print messages over Wifi - impractical with only one person at Net control

-comm trailer who initially resisted, then liked ham inside

-history - 2nd STAREX for hams, planning meeting participation…

-pilot who sent search team into a hemp field

-gratitude from GSAR teams

-real callouts: it wouldn't work without the ham links?

-future role for mesh?, network based messaging system, followups

-Wifi reception challenges inside airport building with a lot of metal

-dynamic nature of the exercise

-coast guard requesting hams on boats

-coast guard boats both unable to participate due to mechanical problems

-C-130 Hercules unable to participate due to over hours situation, removing parachuting SAR techs

-NOCL usage planned, but not used

-cancelled simulation of mid-air collision near airport.

-challenges matching Ham teams up with GSAR teams

-the Port STanley crew

-simulated float plane crash

-practice exercise for spotters

-ad libbed signal mirror usage

-productive monitoring of marine and aircraft frequencies

-huge effort behind the scenes by London CASARA organizing, budgeting, acquiring resources and locations, positioning crashed airplanes

-second day of exercise is aircraft circuit, signal observation, puzzle solving

-Doug to find and go over net control logs

Lessons Learned / Followups

-need at least 2 active people in net control

-consider getting marine and aircraft radio licenses for some ham participants

-list of suggestions for organizers:

-different coloured T-shirts for different teams (various CASARA teams, Hams, Exercise organizers)

-different coloured hats for different roles (aircrew, GSAR, Ham radio)

-preplanned team/roles assignments for second day

-PC projector in hangar showing status information, team assignments, schedule changes, etc

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