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 Here's to flat lakes and portages! Here's to flat lakes and portages!
 +==== Canoe Trip Planning Notes ====
 +-Doug'​s got a lot of busy weekends this summer, but is still hoping for at least one more trip besides the grand kids trip Aug 13-15
 +-July 13 or 20, Doug, Larry + is a possibility
 +-thinking the Noble navy will do their traditional September expedition
 +-email me your availability and I'll update the chart.
 +-if you won't be canoeing this year, let me know and I won't send you canoe spam.
 ==== 2019 Paddler Availability ==== ==== 2019 Paddler Availability ====
-Chart as an [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability.jpg|image]]+Chart as an [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability-2019.jpg|image]]
-Chart as downloadable [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability.xlsx|xlsx spreadsheet]]+Chart as downloadable [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability-2019.xlsx|xlsx spreadsheet]]
-Chart as a downloadable [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability.ods|ods spreadsheet]]+Chart as a downloadable [[http://​​canoe/​paddler-availability-2019.ods|ods spreadsheet]]
 ===== — Following Stuff was for 2018 season — ===== ===== — Following Stuff was for 2018 season — =====
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