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This page was last edited on April 17, 2018


A new year brings a new batch of canoe trip plans. Last year's approach of having multiple trips to accommodate everyone seemed to work out, so I'll give that a try again. The following sections include my planning notes, the roster of paddlers, the availability calendar, and other bits and pieces. This page is always a work in progress, and represents the current state of the planning process.

Recent updates are summarized in the “Canoe Trip Planning Notes” section and highlighted.

Hints on Editing this Wiki page

You don't need to edit this page for it to be useful. However, I know there are some nerds out there who just can't wait to hack the daylights out of my work, so here are some hints:

  • although there are password controls on who can edit this page, anyone on the internet can look at it. Be careful about what you post, definitely no posting about last year's orgy on Mooseknee island
  • the page uses the Dokuwiki system, with the ckgedit plugin ( and several others). You can look them up if you want.
  • this gives you what-you-see-is-what-you get style editing -it's really simple
  • there are occasional long pauses in the editing process, likely due to the low cost web hosting I use. It's normal - don't worry.
  • there is continuous backup of every change to this wiki - you can't screw it up in a way I can't recover from. (That's not a challenge.)
  • after editing, you could update the last edit date in the very top clickable section if you want.
  • there are two ways to get into the editor:
    • Method 1) click on the pencil icon just to the right of the page near the top. This allows you to edit the entire page, although you might have to scroll up and down a bit to find what you want to work on. This method is a bit more reliable.
    • Method 2) click on the section name you want to edit to open it up, and then click on the little edit box icon at the bottom of the section, off to the right. This will open just that particular section for editing, which may be a bit simpler. Sometimes, it seems like the wrong section opens, but that might be me hitting the wrong edit button. It seems to help if you hover over the edit button until the section name appears. If this happens to you, hit the cancel button at the bottom of the edit window, and try again.
  • When you're done editing, hit the Save button just below the editing window. If you've used other wikis and are looking for a way to preview your changes, it ain't there - Dokuwiki doesn't seem to support this.
  • If you mess things up so badly you can't recover, don't worry - just leave the mess as is. Send me an email, and I can easily revert to an earlier version of the page before you had your way with it.
  • if you have any questions, just email me.

Canoe Trip Planning Notes

Most recent notes are listed first, and highlighted…

  • April 17: Larry and Maryon are back from their place in sunny Florida, and after an evening of excessive eating and drinking, I'm on a canoe trip planning binge. I'll start by updating the availability calendar today with all your email input. You did send me that, right?
  • Added a new weekend availability option: D for Doubtful
  • This canoeing web page has been moved and reworked. A new link and passwords have been emailed out.
  • Doug's list of available weekends is shrinking rapidly, and that seems to be the case for Cathy as well. I'd like to get something planned so we can agree on dates to set aside. Thanks for the quick responses to my snarky email <grin> - all the scheduling info I have is in the calendar below.
  • With flagrant disregard for her father's canoeing plans, my daughter Nicole is having a baby mid-June. This means I'll be in Amsterdam/England for basically all of June.
  • The Noble family's in Iceland May 3 - 16. Anyone else wanna try to beat the black flies?
  • Have extended an invite to John Selman, who attended the Tim Lake potato party in 2011
  • Planning started, and survey sent out on Feb 13
  • Doug wouldn't mind being in Algonquin for the Perseid meteor shower on Aug 12. Oops - will be in Newfoundland instead.
  • Kevin USED TO THINK we could do a spring trip before the black flies and after ice out. Tight window
    • when are road washouts fixed by
    • when does park start taking reservations?
    • May 12 weekend looks like a good candidate for this approach
  • With multiple trips being planned, we have a lot more flexibility to accommodate varying trip lengths, exertion levels, preferred activities, etc.

Potentially Participating Paddlers

These are the folks that I am bothering with repeated canoe trip emails. They're identified by their initials in the availability chart, and sorted by initials here:

  • BG Bruce Grayson
  • BN Brendan Noble
  • CN Chris Noble
  • CP Cathy Pasternak
  • DE Doug Elliott
  • JJ Jim Johnson
  • JK Doug's Ham friend Jon Kissi
  • JN Jess Noble
  • JS John Selman
  • KN Kevin Noble
  • LV Larry Vanier
  • PC Pete Coumans
  • SN Scott Newman

The Availability Calendar

Who's available when? Letters in following chart represent No, Doubtful, Maybe, Probably, Yes.
Initials at tops of columns are defined in the Potentially Participating Paddlers section, just above.

bad weekends Y YY Y Y
Survey Y Y Y Y BG > Visitors from Netherlands May 06-28
May5 NNN NNNY Ice out around May 1
19 N N N MAY24/black flies start mid May
26 N N N
June2N N N M DE>Amsterdam
9N N N Y
16N Y Y
23N N Y
30N N N Y Canada Day
July7 N N Y
14 N N Y
21 N N Y
28N Y N Y N MS Bike Tour
Aug4N Y N Y N Civic Holiday, Summer Games
11N N Y N Perseid Meteors, DE in Nfld
18N N Y N DE:Wedding
25 N Y N
Sep1 N N N N Labour Day
8N Y M N Air Show, Ham Course
15 N N M
22 Y M
29 Y M
Oct6 N N M N PC:Wedding
13N Y N Y DE: wedding?
20 Y N Y
27 Y N Y

Trip Planning Guidelines

My goals in suggestion trip arrangements are:

  • getting everyone who's interested on at least one canoe trip
  • having people able to do their favourite activities
  • having no one do more physical exertion than they can comfortably handle
  • go on at least 3 trips myself
  • do some weird stuff (Perseid photography, working ham radio, drone photography..)

Doug's planning scribbles:

  • Odyssey antlers?
  • back pack repairs
  • trade JJ dishes for backpack.
  • CPAP battery testing / earplug handouts
  • intertwined trips, routes
  • revive the old canoe trip website

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