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  Kids Activities for the Quiet Times of 2020

With the goal of keeping kids entertained, and parents sane, I offer the following suggestions for things to do with the kids...

Kids Activity List

Activity Information
Science Experiments Around the Home   Science Experiments  (Thanks to Tony Marsden for the suggestion)
Great Kids STEM projects
Perseid Meteor Shower mid-August
Scholastic's learning at home hub
Jigsaw puzzles addictive online puzzles   this one too
Play with math - Mathletics
Science and STEM projects 25-screen-free-stem-activities-for-preschoolers-kids
whiteboard projects: drawings, floorplans, todo lists, meal plans... ideas dots & boxes, tic tac toe, pictionary, comic strips,
Large list of summer games 100-ways-to-play-with-kids-summer-fun-list-games-activities-ultimate-summer-play-list
have a back yard fire & roast weiners or marshmallows  
Listen to online songs and stories
arts & crafts for toddlers & preschoolers 13-simple-crafts-for-toddlers-and-preschoolers-to-do-at-home
make a kite
Check out what NASA is doing these days let-nasa-bring-the-universe-to-your-home
run through the sprinkler  
Listen to stories from space read by astronauts
Make chalk art on the sidewalk or driveway
Go on a virtual museum tour
build an indoors or outdoors fort  
Watch a bunch of cute puppies playing
plant / care for a garden  
Teach the kids a few life skills 65-essential-life-skills-to-teach-kids
Do some fun exercises 25-exercise-games-indoor-activities-for-kids
Make some Bananamon ice cream kids-recipes-ample-hills-bananamon-ice-cream
Try stop motion animation with playdough
wash the car  
walk in the rain  
Read about Fiona the Tiny Cincinnati Hippo
Make some invisible ink how-to-make-invisible-ink
Start a list of all the birds you've seen
make a big marble run  
have kids BBQ a meal  
make a bird bath  
make some slime simple-slime-recipes
build a xylophone  
go for a bike ride  
make a rain barrel  
do some yoga
learn how to tie some knots  
pig out on watermelon  
make a collection of bug photos, or of bugs  
make some wind chimes
throw water balloons at something or someone  
ask mama or papa to lift up the car with the jack  
make a bird house
blow something up: balloons, bottle rocket
have a back yard picnic  
make music on the recorder
Do some fancy braiding (or plaiting to Brits?) Braiding-eight-cords-into-a-flat-braid/  Make-Braided-Bracelets
press flowers in a thick book  
make stamps by cutting a pattern into a potato
Huge list of free learning resources
Other Activity Lists
125 things-to-do-with-kids-during-coronavirus-quarantine/
The Mattel Playroom

Contributions to this list are welcome, just email at gee male dawd calm

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Another idea: Set up a regular video conference with your kids' cousins, playmates, schoolmates, etc. Here the summary of how we set it up:

By setting a project / demonstration theme for each call, you generate lots of preparation activity to keep the kids occupied, and they seem to look forward to the calls. It's working great for us, and I suspect it will continue long after the pandemic is over.

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