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  Pandemic Cabin Fever Assessment

During these challenging times when many of us are constrained to staying in hour homes almost full time, there is always the risk of cabin fever. To help people evaluate if they are suffering from this malady, I have created the following self assessment questionnaire. It's easy to do: Find the statement under each topic that best applies to you, and keep a running total of the statement numbers. At the end of the questions, there's an explanation of how to evalute your score.


1) I have changed from formal work attire to casual work at home clothes

2) I’ve worn the same casual clothes for 3 days

3) I haven’t worn any clothes for 3 days

4) I haven’t worn any clothes for 3 days and have been on several video conferences


1) My drinking habits haven’t changed

2) I keep my wine glass handy and topped up

3) I’m drinking wine from a beer stein to reduce the number of refills needed

4) I find it a lot easier to just drink from the bottle

Tooth brushing

1) I continue my normal dental hygiene routine

2) I try to brush my teeth once a day, most days

3) I have a firm schedule to brush my teeth on Thursdays

4) Since the alcohol in the wine kills bacteria, I don’t bother to brush


1) regular exercise and aerobics are keeping me in top shape

2) I sometimes do exercises, but it seems like a lot of work

3) An intense work out for me involves double clicking the mouse on my laptop

4) The only time I get out of my chair is to get more wine, and to get rid of it.


1) I’m eating balanced meals with protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, vitamins and minerals

2) I’m eating a balanced diet of frozen, fried, frugal and fricasseed food

3) I’m eating what ever is in the fast food that I have 3 times a day

4) I’m frisky and playful, due to the Alpo in my diet

Kids Activities

1) We’re home schooling our children, and providing wholesome entertainment

2) Not really sure why we decided to have kids, but we’re working our way through this.

3) If our kids weren’t glued to the TV for 10 hours a day, I don’t know how we’d survive.

4) I’m pretty sure we have 3 kids, but I haven’t seen one of them in a couple of days


1) We’re controlling how much NetFlix we watch to avoid overdoing it.

2) We’re controlling how much NetFlix we watch, except when one spouse falls asleep first.

3) We don’t fight about what NetFlix show to watch (ever since Bob stole the remote).

4) We allocate 2 hours of NetFlix per day, and I’m into my October allotment.

Add up the statement numbers that best apply to you, and use the following chart to evaluate your score:


Score  Evaluation 
0 - 6 Impossible. You cheated, and deserve to have cabin fever.
7-11 You're incredible. Let the pope know you're available next time he needs a new saint.
12-17 You're doing a good job of coping. Keep up the good work.
18-23 It looks like you're suffering from cabin fever, or maybe you were a nut job before any of this started. Consider getting professional help.
24-28 You definitely have cabin fever. You may want to run around naked in your back yard for temporary relief, but you should be seeking assistance from a professional, like an accountant for example.