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If you need someone to blame for this website, you can use me, Doug Elliott, VA3DAE
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A) A1) TR events A2) ReconAdvon A3) Halifax Photos A4) Halifax Story        
B) B1) Robots - HFR B2) Git hub            
C) C1) Radio - HF Log C2) pref-by-pref C3) Azi Map C4) HF Bands        
D) D1) HAM Course site D2) Chapt tests D3) full test D4) Tricky exam ?s D5) Fox Hunt Intro      

Like most of my projects, this website is taking a while to get started, and sits neglected for periods of time. Eventually there will be stuff under these topics:
Pandemic Kids Activities Some suggestions on how to occupy your children while they're spending a lot of time at home. See also Kids Happy Hour below.
Pandemic Cabin Fever? To help people determine if they are suffering from cabin fever, I have put together a little self assessment questionnaire to help you evaluate your situation. Tongue in cheek!
Pandemic Happy Hour The story of our daily 3 country video call that is keeping our grandkids occupied, and their parents sane. Really successful. Both Skype and WhatsApp support 3 plus connections per call. We're going to try to record Skype sessions. Includes activity suggestions.
Family Adventures  Adventures  Stories of various adventures of the Elliott, Marshall and Sandbrook families
Ham Fox Hunts Aug'21 Preso slides General presentation on Fox Hunts, Aug 8, 2021
  Zoom FH Training Link to Zoom recording of Doug's Fox Hunt training session on Vimeo
  FH Overview Fox Hunting overview by Barrie Amateur Radio Club
  Info Updates cumulative details such as meeting place & time, COVID precautions, maps bing provided...
Ham Simplex Simplex Tests Results of Simplex tests done by the London ARES team, including 2021-01-27
For New Hams Things to do Things you can do now that you have your ham license
Ham events Ham Calendar A listing of Ham Radio events in the London area, with web site references
Kit Builders Kit Builders Wiki The story of the London Amateur Radio Kit Builders group, with reference materials
Morse Code CW Wiki Information on the CW course put on by Mitch Power in 2018, CW activity, and the computer software we used
Ham-Interference Interference Logs ongoing summary of attempts to reduce HF interference at my home
Ham - ARES Grab-and-Go A list of things to bring when there's an emergency and you're called upon to assist with Ham Radio Communications - ARES = Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Ham-Balloons High Altitude Balloons The story of the May 2018 UWO High Altitude Balloon launch, which included assistance from the London Amateur Radio Club (Doug Elliott, Dave McCarter and Tom Pillon) with the radio tracking to find and recover the payload.
Canoeing 2018 Canoe Trip Planning My efforts to organize multiple canoe trips for our merry band of paddlers in 2018
CPAP batteries Truckdriver CPAP power Our attempts to help a fellow ham who is a truck driver who sleeps in his sleeper cab frequently when on the road, and needs to be able to power his CPAP machine, and a few other devices overnight, without draining the truck battery.
Ham Radio Ham License Course Info Reference information for the L.A.R.C Basic Ham License Course that started September 9, 2019. Click on the link on the left for more information
Grandkids Activity List Ideas of what to do with the grand kids when they're driving you nuts.
Ham Radio Reference Info a collection of technical reference material related to Ham radio. Index at top of linked page.
Ham Radio MS Tour 2015
stuff on the Ham Radio support for the MS Tour on July 25/26 2015

HAM SET 2015
Info on the SET exercise, Wednesday Oct 7, 2015

The script I follow for the Wednesday night ARES net.

Ham License Course 2015
The next L.A.R.C Basic Ham License Course is tentatively planned to start on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Click on the link on the left for more information

IMS 100 Introduction to the Incident Management System - online course

updated and annotated partial list of questions from the 2014 Basic Ham Radio license exam question bank

updated and annotated partial list of questions from the 2014 Basic Ham Radio license exam question bank

A suggested way of learning the material from the publisher of the Study Guide

Handout for 2014 course including the schedule, facilitator contact info (Doug Elliott), info to access the Studyguide publisher's website, and memory aids for resistor colour codes and most of the basic formulas you'll need.

practice exams
Industry Canada practice exam generator

distracted driving
Current law, with ham exemption, Sep, 2020. Suggest you put a photocopy of your Ham Licence with this document in your glove compartment.

available callsigns
Where to look to see what callsigns are available, so you can select your preferences to be used on your licence application.

HF Band Plans
Doug's chart showing the details of the Canadian HF Bandplan, plus the callsign prefixes
  DX Code of Conduct Good advice on good behaviour while you're chasing DX. See also Ethics & Operating proceduresOperating Practice
Starex-2017 Planning Doc Summary of the approaches, techniques, & schedule for Starex-2017 on Sat Aug 19
Grandkids Activity List Ideas of what to do with the grand kids when they're driving you nuts.
Family Photos
photo gallery
Coming soon
GitHub.com info on Doug & Andrew's robot project is on GitHub, under usernames nerdoug and va3wam


ahh, so many things to follow up on.
Nicole's Baby Mini-Marshall The friendly wagering on when Nicole Elliott is going to deliver her second child in Amsterdam
Come back later & hopefully there will be more interesting stuff.
     (That's more stuff that is interesting, not stuff that is more interesting. Well, it might be. oh, never mind.)

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Following the Elliott family tradition of summer vacation "Things to do" lists on yellow paper, stuck to the fridge...

    Summer Activities for Grandkids
  1  make a bird feeder
2 walk part of Bruce, Thames trails
3 camp in back yard
4 St Thomas train tour
5 visit port elgin
6 Goderich museum
7 Kitchener's farmers market / Mennonites
8 canoeing
9 fire on patio - marshies, weenies
10 visit Gibbons park
11 find a petting zoo
12 do a farm tour
13 corn maze
14 Toronto zoo www.torontozoo.com
15 make / fly kites
16 run thru sprinkler with the water dog
17 build a fort in rec room
18 play in schoolyard - soccer, climbers, sommersaults, headstands...
19 plant some seeds early
20 playhouse party, ice cream in cooler
21 kids taking photos
22 play with drone?
23 walk in the rain
24 make a huge marble run
25 get out the parachute
26 visit the airport / 427 Wing
27 put flagpole on playhouse
28 pick apples, peaches, pears, cherries, strawbellies…
29 climb onto playhouse roof
30 make a bird house
31 make a wooden game
32 record some singing
33 make some jam or corn-in-a-bag
34 kids BBQ a meal
35 go on a picnic somewhere unusual (Arva, conservation area, park, Sharon Creek)
36 visit Niagara Falls - ride Maid of the Mist
37 watch a construction site
38 make a xylophone, chimes (google DIY xylophone)
39 Clovermead bee farm encore. clovermead.com
40 make a jigsaw puzzle with coping saw
41 hike thru Komoka park https://www.ontarioparks.com/park/komoka
42 make a hammock / use Hennessey
43 make a rain barrel
44 make a storybook / photo book
45 go to unusual beach
46 fire hall tour
47 EMS / ambulance tour
48 plant nursery tour
49 East Park https://www.eastparkgolf.com
50 Geocaching
51 visit yoga class while kids yogo
52 watch herons nest
53 go to Greenway park
54 view Perseid meteor shower (Aug 11-13. google perseids 2017)
55 pig out on Watermelon
56 paint the playhouse inside / outside
57 go to Storybook gardens www.storybook.london.ca
58 Learn how to tie some knots
59 find, photograph, and identify some bugs
60 throw water balloons at something / someone
61 put up a historical measuring board for kids heights
62 play the trumpet, trombone or recorder
63 build something out of popsicle sticks, string, cardboard, toothpicks, glue... sculptures, chains
64 explore the bank of the river with camera, lunch, binoculars, blanket...
65 go visit whatever festival is happening in Victoria Park
66 African Lion Safari http://www.lionsafari.com/home
67 Lift up the van with its jack
68 Go see fireworks on Civic Holiday - Mon Aug 1
69 Fanshawe Pioneer Village http://fanshawepioneervillage.ca/
70 http://www.londontourism.ca/Events/Canada-150-Celebrations/Lambeth-Rose-and-Flower-Show June 21
71 http://www.londontourism.ca/Events/Canada-150-Celebrations/SESQUI-and-Ontario150-Present-The-SESQUI-Cinematic-Dome-Tour Jun29-Jul3
72 http://www.londontourism.ca/Events/Canada-150-Celebrations/Confederation-Party Eldon house Sat July 1
73 Elora Gorge
74 Butterfly conservatory
75 Fergus Scottish Festival
76 lower and raise the canoe to/from the garage ceiling.
77 Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary
78 Alpaca / Ostrich farms
79 Peterborough Canoe Museum
80 air condition the playhouse
81 Centennial Hall: https://centennialhall.london.ca/london-event-listings.html
82 Watch the Northern Lights
83 Watch satellites or the space station
84 Follow the total eclipse of the Sun on Aug 21
85 (Thanks, Vic) Blow something up. Balloons, Bottle Rocket  
86 Look at something using great grampa's microscope
87 Feed ants coloured water
89 Lock the little blighters in the basement

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You might be a techno-geek if...

-you've ever trimmed a fingernail with side cutters
-people ask you to fix their computers
-you own more than 5 computers
-you've built at least one robot
-your website has a list of techno-geek attributes
-you have a website
-you've ever bought something because you had a use for its package
-you've programmed an arduino or other SBC
-you know what SBC stands for
-your workshop has white boards, peg boards, circuit boards and proto boards
-you have more than 20 WIFI devices in your home
-your internet access has more bandwidth than some countries
-you can do soldering without burning yourself
-you think being grounded is a good thing
-you can do math in your head that gives normal people brain blisters
-you have more than 12 kilos of small hand tools
-you've ever used Krazy glue to close a wound
-you have a electronic component catalog printed on paper
-you have the original cardboard boxes for most of your electronic device purchases
-you can prepare a cable to add a connector using only your teeth.
-you have more than 200 bins in your workshop
-you understand Morse code, the building code, assembler code and the Hacker's code
-you have at least one piece of electrical or duct tape hanging off the edge of your workbench, awaiting re-use

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